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PowerDock Wireless Charger


Welcome to the wireless power. The PowerDock Wireless Charger uses Qi Wireless charging technology to quickly and safely charge your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, and all other Qi compatible devices, up to 10W for Fast Charging Capabilities.

Thoughtful design meets functional technology for a charging device that fits seamlessly into your home or office life with the versatility to charge in either landscape or portrait mode.

Includes wireless Qi charging base, stand, and micro USB charging cable.

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Quick Wireless Charging

Using Qi Wireless technology, the PowerDock charges your smartphone quickly and effortlessly. Simply place your phone on the wireless charging area to instantly start charing your device back to 100%!

Sleek Modern Design

Match the modern design on your smartphone and other devices. The PowerDock Wireless Charger features a sleek design that will look perfect at home, work, or anywhere your phone goes.

Quality Premium Materials

The PowerDock is wrapped in a premium rugged fabric allowing for a long lasting design that won’t wear and tear over time. Firmly snap the base onto the stand and start charging!

Dual Charging Positions

Charge your device the way you want. The PowerDock allows you to choose which orientation, either landscape or portrait mode. Find the perfect way to power up!

Fast Charging Enabled

Full power before you know it! The PowerDock supports fast charging capabilities including Samsungs 10W Charging and iPhone’s 7.5W output. Grab the extra juice before heading out.

Take it for a Spin

See the PowerDock Wireless Charger from every angle possible. Simple swipe around the PowerDock to take it for a quick test drive, virtually that is!

  1. Marc Matthews

    I’ve been looking for a stand like this for my office for a while. I had one similar before that sat flat on the table, which I didn’t like. It’s nice having the phone propped up so I can see the screen and use Face ID right there. Works just as promised.

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